Social Responsibility

VSE is a member of the informal association of companies Business Leaders Forum. Along with the other members it is implementing the principles of corporate social responsibility in Slovakia since 2004. We are aware of the fact that activities leading to community support, improvement of employee and supplier-customer relationships or to environmental protection contribute to improvement of the quality of life of the whole region of Eastern Slovakia.

Community support

podpora_komunity We develop regions in which we are active. We help the community especially through grant schemes and donations. We also support the voluntary engagement of our employees.


ekologia We actively contribute to the environmental protection. In line with the programme Green Future we contribute to sustainability. We organize our own activities and support ecologically oriented projects of our partners.


skoly We support the education of students in the area of energy efficiency. We help to develop high schools and universities offering the major Electrical Engineering.

Customers and market

zakaznici_trh We act responsibly towards all our partners – customers, business partners, shareholders and employees.


zamestnanci We ensure the professional and personal development of our employees. We keep improving the safety of the working environment.

Request for a Sponsorship Contribution

You can ask us for the support of your project by means of the email

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility
Every year, the VSE Holding Group publishes a report on its financial performance, whose part is also a chapter on Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy.


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