We find implementation of activities regarding environment protection and sustainability for natural part of our work. To preserve country and environment where we are active for next generation is considered as duty for all of us.

This is our vision within the programme Green Future. In line with the project we create external and internal activities.

Protection of Birds

We support reduction of human activity’s impact on biotopes of birds and their food chain; we protect threatened bird species in the region of East Slovakia and look for solutions how to minimize negative effects of electricity distribution on bird population. We construct new lines so that they are safe for birds. On existing lines we implement measures in accordance with our technical regulation which has been assessed and approved by the state and nature conservation agancy and other NGOs. We secure active information exchange between our company and Slovak Nature Protection with aim to protect predatory birds and nature.

Organizations active in this area were supported by us via grant programme Symbiosis carried out by Nadačný fond Skupiny VSE managed by Carpathian Foundation.

Support of Renewable Energy Sources

Thanks our subsidiary company VSE Ekoenergia s.r.o. we create and operate projects based on renewable energy sources. We focus on electricity generation from biomass, biogas and water energy. We put emphasis on efficient usage of natural and social sources, support of local economy, e.g. by creating new working positions as well as by co-operation with local partners. A good example is a small photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the elementary school Bajkalská in Prešov or newly opened biogas plant in Rozhanovce (photogallery)

Except VSE a.s. activities also innogy – parent company – support usage of renewable energy sources in Slovakia. It is innogy who is responsible for heating station for biomass in Banská Bystrica. That way innogy contributes to the diversification of energy sources for particular towns.

E-mobility in Slovakia

In 2010 we opened the first public charging station for e-cars in Košice. Our aim is to support usage of e-cars in Slovakia by building very good infrastructure.

More about e-mobility

Support of Energy Efficiency

We provide wide-ranging consulting for our customers on the topic energy efficiency. They can use our webpage with lot of advices and tips how to save energy in households and businesses or series of advisory flyers. We provide also personal consulting in our network of customer centres.

We try to be a good model for energy efficiency solutions. There is an example of two heating pumps that serve for heating of two our workplaces. We encourage our customers to use heating pumps via discounts at contractual partners and via other benefits.

We try to lower our energy consumption by modernization of technical devices. We act responsibly with waste: we separate it and re-evaluate capacities of our rubbish heap with aim to use maximum of it.

One of the most efficient methods how to reach energy saving and implementation of energy efficiency is energy education. That is why we participate in education in this area at schools.

More about co-operation with schools

Archive of activities

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility
Every year, the VSE Holding Group publishes a report on its financial performance, whose part is also a chapter on Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy.

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Prinášame energiu na cesty

We deliver energy to the roads

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