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Košice – European Capital of Culture

One of the most important projects of Košice was the Košice Interface 2013 project. In 2010, our company made several public commitments to support it and to contribute so to the acquisition of the Košice European Capital of Culture title:

  1. By signing a Memorandum of Cooperation and Understanding between Košice – Európske hlavné mesto kultúry 2013, n.o., VSE and RUHR.2010 GmbH.
  2. By signing and making a public commitment at a press conference in June 2010, when we together with other companies (U. S. Steel Košice, T–Systems Slovakia a NESS KDC Slovensko) undertook to cooperate with relevant parties in support of the Košice Interface 2013 project, including personnel and management capacities, with the aim to achieve sucessful results of the project even after 2013.
  3. By establishing the Koalícia 2013+ association and by our active membership in the coalition.

Stará Ľubovňa Castle Lighting

Stará Ľubovňa Castle, partially preserved and restored, is one of the landmarks of the Ľubovňa basin. A museum is located in the preserved part of the castle and it features a history exhibition, a period furniture and guns exhibition, but also some interesting information from the life of the last owners of the castle – the Zamoyský family. The unique castle has been floodlit all–year–round since 2004 also thanks to the support from VSE.

Social Area

Úsmev ako dar

The cooperation between the VSE Holding Group and Úsmev ako dar has been long–lasting. A programme called "Pomoc ženám v núdzi" (Helping women in need) belongs to one of the most important projects of the recent period. It is aimed at supporting girls growing up in foster homes and after leaving them, as well as mothers with children who find themselves in difficult life situations and women exposed to violence. Alongside the financial aid, we also help by voluntary work of our employees, by material collections and common meetings with the crisis centre clients.


A unique project that has been carried out since 2008. Its uniqueness dwells in the connection of active lifestyle, culture and charity. It is organised annually in Košice and other selected towns in Eastern Slovakia. Thanks to the money raised by the all–day effort of runners on a non–stop treadmill and from the starting fee, projects mainly in the area of social affairs, health care or culture are supported. More about the current year at

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Report on Corporate Social Responsibility
Every year, the VSE Holding Group publishes a report on its financial performance, whose part is also a chapter on Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy.

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