Program Companius

This is a program that promotes volunteer activities of our employees. Through this program we financially support projects of those entities in which our employees are personally involved. These may include projects in field of education, culture, sport, social, ecology or energy.

Regular Blood Donation

Blood donation has become a favourite volunteering activity of employees of our company. Since 2007 we organize common blood donation in cooperation with the Slovak Red Cross and the National Transfusion Service several times a year. A selected area in the building in Mlynská 31 in Košice is transformed into a temporary transfusion station for several hours so that we can donate the precious liquid and help those who need it the most.

So that the Visually Impaired Children Can “Read”

Within the scope of our volunteer programs, our employees regularly visit M.Hrebenda’s Slovak Library for Blind People in Levoča. They’ve already recorded 14 books on CD – Smile, Darling; Country of Returns; The Treasury of Považany; Tales of A Thousand and One Nights; Railway Stories; Mouflon Anciáš And His Graceful Ride; The Magic World of Fairy Tales; Stories From Black Africa; How Life Travelled The World; Stories of Little Ghosts from the City Tower; Stories of Road Signs I and II, The smallest Family in the World and Simple John goes online. They’re contributing to the enrichment of the library’s audio collection and bringing children the joy and delight of fairy tales.

Request for a Sponsorship Contribution

You can ask us for the support of your project by means of the attached application form.

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility
Every year, the VSE Holding Group publishes a report on its financial performance, whose part is also a chapter on Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy.


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