Corporate Social Responsibility

VSE Holding Group thinks and acts responsibly.

Our responsible business falls into three categories - social, economic, environmental. We carry out activities aimed at supporting the community, improving employee and supplier-customer relations, as well as protecting the environment./p>

Active participation in various associations helps us in our efforts. We are a member of the informal association of companies Business Leaders Forum and together with other members, we have been promoting the principles of social responsibility in Slovakia since 2004.

Membership in chambers of commerce allows us to actively contribute to meeting current needs of foreign investors in the field of responsible business. Active participation in employers' associations is, in turn, an example of our efforts to ensure a balance between business activities and responsible business principles. The fact that we are serious about the environment and sustainability, is guaranteed by our connections with professional platforms.

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Report on Corporate Social Responsibility
Every year, the VSE Holding Group publishes a report on its financial performance, whose part is also a chapter on Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy.

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