Activities of VSE for University Students:

VSE Fellows Scholarship Program

In the summer semester of the 2009/2010 school year, in cooperation with Technical University of Košice (TU KE), we announced the 1st year of the VSE Fellows Scholarship Program. The program is designed for students in the 4th grade of powerline departments at the TU KE. Program participants are encouraged with financial contribution as well as with professional and personal development through training and practice. Its graduates receive the opportunity to work in the VSE group.

The Quality of Professional Education Is Important to Us

Through the representative of our company at the Council for Science of the Technical University of Košice and a close long-term cooperation with the department of Energy Industry, the experts of our company comment on the teaching curricula and the syllabi of the subjects at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. Together with the faculty we are trying to make the heavy current subject more attractive and to shape the teaching curricula in such a way that they are adapted to the current needs of professional life and so that they would educate experts for energy industry.

In cooperation with the Technical University in Košice during the last few years we supported the following projects among others:
  • equipment of the laboratories at the Faculty of Engineering, TUKE,
  • co-organization of science seminars at TUKE,
  • contribution for the organization of concerts – Carl Orff: Carmina burana,
  • support by the preparation of a Christmas concert,
  • symposium Elektroenergetika 2007, 2009, 2011,
  • celebration of the 55th anniversary of the foundation of TUKE,
  • publishing the university journal.
Further Activities:
  • consulting by the elaboration of semester, bachelor and thesis works,
  • obligatory and voluntary internships,
  • excursions to electric substations or other working places of VSE,
  • expert lectures and trainings,
  • support by the publishing of school books in the area of electrical power industry.

Find more information on the possibilities of cooperation of university students with our company in section Offers for University Graduates and Offers for University Students.


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