In VSE Holding Group, we create our own projects aimed at supporting education. The activities are always aimed at raising the level of education and supporting talented youth. We cooperate with primary and secondary schools and universities. We also support NGOs that provide continuous education through hands-on programs.

One of the most important reasons why we are active in this area is, to give a helping hand, while connecting theory with practice in preparing pupils and students for their future careers.

2019 – HR Inspiration Award – for project “Experience Energy or a Bit Different Recruitment”, awarded by the professional HR public from all over Slovakia.

2018 – Participation in the finals of the Via Bona competition – Great Employer with the project Experience Energy or a Bit Different Recruitment.

2010 – HR Gold Award from the Association for Human Resources Management and Development for a project of cooperation with secondary schools.


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Základné školy:
Petra Vancová
T +421 908 939–918

Stredné školy:
Martina Bodová
T +421 905 228–388

Practice a Trainee program:
Marta Boršovská
T +421 918 884–706


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