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Values of the VSE Holding Group

On our way to the future, we rely on the same values:

We build TRUST
We create a company which we can be proud of, and which everyone can rely on under any circumstances. We believe in principles of transparency and we act honestly, we bear responsibility for our actions. By acting in the best interest of our customers and shareholders, we support our own self–trust and the trust in our company.

We benchmark our progress towards success in many ways, financially and non–financially, to ensure we operate to the highest standards and in a sustainable way. We encourage each other to embrace our diversity, we act actively and think creatively – leading the way, never being satisfied with anything less than our best.

We believe that a passion for making a difference is the driving force behind our success, and we take pride in our enthusiasm and optimism for the future.

Ethics in Business

“No Toleration of Fraud” is the motto that defines the attitude of our company regarding fraud. The launching of a program for preventing fraud is a process that will enable employees, suppliers and third parties to report a suspicion of non-ethical or illegal activities of the management of VSE by maintaining the anonymity of the informing person at the same time. The Ombudsman System is ready to protect the property of the company and its good reputation from various forms of fraud since January 1, 2009.

OSH Policy

The senior Management of VSE expresses its decision to carry out their legal and moral responsibility towards employees and protect the health of employees as well stakeholders. Health and safety at work is a priority and an integral part of our business.

Trust, Reliability, Customer orientation, Performance, Forward-thinking


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